When good proteins go bad: an introduction to neurological disease

Faculty in the Field with Professor Melissa Kosinski-Collins When Good Proteins Go Bad: An Introduction to Neurological Disease Research at Brandeis

How is it that our brain functions perfectly for 59 years (or 65 years or 70 years) and then suddenly begins to self-destruct at an alarming rate? Professor Kosinski-Collins has an uncanny way of making biology and science so exciting that you will want to go back to school and take her Intro to Biology class. She will introduce you to the molecules in our brain with no known function other than to cause the destruction of memory, and explain how a protein's degeneration leads to debilitating diseases such as autism, Lou Gehrig's (ALS) and Parkinson's. She will share updates about ongoing studies at Brandeis and possible future therapies for disease treatment.

Free and open to all TCAN members!

January 11, 2017 at 7:00pm - 9pm

Beth Jacob Synagogue, Mendota Heights