The Protector of Osmir

Impossible Salt returns to the stage this December with a brand new work! The Protector of Osmir, created in collaboration with the Minneapolis Music Company, explores the nexus of power, ego, and fear. The town of Osmir is thriving. Business is booming and the locals are contented. So why would the town's Protector abruptly relinquish her power? And why are the citizens of Osmir so reluctant to take her place? With one brave young woman at his side, the skeptical new Protector must grapple with the town's startling secret: a wolf terrorizes the town. As the Protector and his deputy unravel the mystery of the monthly attacks, they discover that the problem might be closer to home than they believed possible. THE PROTECTOR OF OSMIR, performed in Impossible Salt's inimitable musical style, will reveal unexpected possibilities about how we can expel the monsters lurking within the darkest corners of our hearts. 

Cost: $18


December 08, 2016 at 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Nautilus Music Theatre, St Paul