Signature Expressions: How They Can Help You Quickly Size Up Others

TCAN clubs are invited to an evening with Dan Hill, an internationally renowned expert on facial coding and emotional dynamics. "Everything is in the face," wrote the Roman philosopher Cicero. When we interact with others, our obvious identifiers are gender, race, relative age, and beauty. However, at a deeper level exist subtle clues about who you're interacting with or observing. These delicate expressions come from facial muscle movements that reveal whether a person is emotionally engaged or not, and if engaged when and how so. Are you winning them over? Creating distrust inadvertently? Confusing them? And how about their personality - Is this somebody you want to hire, ally with, or even marry? Dan Hill learned facial coding from Dr. Paul Ekman, an advisor for Pixar's Inside Out movie and Fox's hit series, Lie to Me. For almost 20 years, Hill has applied facial coding to everything from market research for blue-chip companies, to work in Division I and pro sports, to critiquing presidential candidates for major networks. Dan will provide insights on the little clues that capture big truths about who we are and how we behave while touching on some key examples from his most recent book: 100 Celebrities from the Silent Generation to the Millennials Era which will be available for order at the event. Dan received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University, following studies at Brown University, Oxford University and St. Olaf College.

Cost: $20 includes delicious appetizers with vegetarian options

February 23, 2017 at 6:00pm - 8pm

Dorsey & Whitney


Madeleine Filloux